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You can take advantage of online services and make a profit through the development of explanations for solutions to some computer problems. If you’re good at maintenance of the computer or laptop you can make educational videos and sell them to those interested in this field and posted on the YouTube channel and take advantage of your expertise if you are talented, you can work both videos were educational or recreational to become renowned. District and best example of this is the famous name of Joseph Media, which was his debut on YouTube through some short videos, and sarcastic in his own way he was able to bring a very large number of visitors and famous. Now it has become a shining star scramble by media channels. You have a lot in order to: Made Why Start from now awaits
Corporate profitability
Adsense :

This company is a subsidiary of GOOGLE It does by giving you money for those views to your videos dad you posted in your channel on YouTube which contain copyright. and copyright reserved for each user so if you publish your videos and videos is repeated Three times the Adsense will block your channel directly
Give money through your bank account or it’s will send you money in Wester union


Freedom :

This topic company by giving you money for those views to your videos dad you posted in your channel on YouTube this topic and the company gives you the freedom to download any video from YouTube and re-upload it to your channel directly go to click on the filter was after Creative Commons knead download videos that have the views of many, and prepared a publication in the channel only if you Freedom partner and not Adsense you can profit by ordination of money without effort Do not forget, even if YouTube has to close the channel Freedom sends you all of your money directly unlike Adsense will not receive money that instead It closed the channel because you violating the law Adsense for copyright and repeated Tlat times. Withdraw money through your bank account Paypal you can withdraw your money from PayPal you can withdraw your money from PayPal through any ATM nearby you where you live by


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