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This topic only if you are a programmer or you know about programming language a little to understand and learn quickly enough and you are able to understand English, and you should have your capital 150 $ to begin a big project brings a lot of money and a lot more than you ever imagined. It is possible to become rich cause of this subject and become a successful businessman by the degree of your experience in the field of informatics

==> First :  you must download the Android Studio program from here or Unity 5 program from here in order to create Applications and Android Games and Apples and even computer games and PlayStation 3 to the other, but our topic today is Android and Apple

==> Buy a copy Unity 5 with 125 $ to give you license for one month, then you must create applications and games in Unity Free to use and when your finished Try to buy the license and download the application files or game files on Unity Pro again and continued the build and you will have plenty of time to deploy your application or game on Google Play and AppStore and 1Mobile, but there is a free Use with Unity pro for taking a license from a friend and has already bought and I have a license if not expired I can help anyone need it

==> Second : Before you build your application or game you must create an account In Gmail Then Register In Adsense or your own old Adsense already created connected with your channel on YouTube I means Adsense account fully activated

Make daily money by using Adsense on your Applications And Games

==> Third: Registration on AdMob Following by Google Adsense from here and take code of Ads is publicity video and a banner and put it in the application folder or game folder and put pressure on the build to be the establishment of the application or game

==> Fourth: you’ll get the application or game format ( Apk for Android Devises ) and ( ios for Apple Devises )

==> Fifth: Creat New account In Google Play and the price of registration is 25 $ and Upload your application or game file in your PlayStore  ( format Apk )

==> Register in the AppStore and the price of registration is 100 $ and Upload your application or game file in your account on the AppStore ( Format ios )

==> Registration on a free market 1Mobile for Android and Upload the application or game file in your 1Mobile Store ( format Apk )

Profit day money by selling your applications and your games
==> There is another kind of profit from these applications and games, To sell it with good Price on PlayStore ( format Android Apk ) or Sell it on AppStore ( formatApple ios  ) To All users If They like that Application or Game they will buy It from PlayStore or AppStore with priceless and deserves the application or game
Very important information

==> Register In Google Analytic to control and reading the Daily Show your income and how much users download your application or your game and how many users click on ads and how many users using the app or your game off. ….etc==> When you create a game tried to make a smart Game for play and beautiful appearance, and then call it in English language and have her name very close to the famous games names to be on the lists of the first search and the number of downloads very high and create a lot of errands and high difficulty of the task to the other so as not to end the game and will be uninstall by users


==> Ads type must be videos and banner

==> When you put your Ads code on your game just copy it from AdMob and paste it into the application file or the game directly and do not write them manually because you can err in writing

==> Set all your application information correct and valid for PlayStation Store and AppStore and that 1Mobile

==> Anyone who has downloaded Your Applications and they use it or download your Game and play that, it will show him ads AdMob by Adsense and Click on Ads Then You will earn so much money and daily money

Note :  Click on the words that blue color will take you to the sites concerned
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