How to create an account on App Store and publish your applications


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Hello In this episode God will guide you to the right path of how to register in AppStore and publish your own apps and games that you have created yourself on AppStore with all freedom of expression with the laws of AppStore that you should respect when publishing your application or game designed

First: Registration method: Register your own Gmail account with all the information from here

Second : Register an account on AppStore with a 99$ one-time lifetime performance

Buy that account for 99$ because it is not free to register

Third : Publish your application or game

Enter the name of your application or game that you named earlier (when you create apps or games try to name it a foreigner in English, you will tell me why? Because English is the most traded in the world and you will get a large percentage of downloads; if You will ask me why? Because the foreign currencies are too high and CPM is high, I will explain in detail the boring that when a visitor comes on the App Store and download your application and Using or downloading the game and playing it will show your company ads like Adsense AdMob ads or Unity ads and will get views or clicks on Ads then you get a lot of money by that

Enter your key code in your applications or in your games

Download the application file or game from your computer to your account on the App Store is a file format “ios” normal download or

by itunes hardware

Set link of your site or blog is not needed  for you but it will benefit you in “seo”

Set Your Email of your Gmail account or Hotmail account

Description: This next step is very important You must explain your application or game in two lines so try to write well-known keywords in some applications or games world famous

Keywords: Very important also makes it easier for users to access your application when searching with one of the keywords you typed

Icon : Icon of the application or game: It is a very important stage to attract visitors to download the application or game as a girl that the boys find out from the appearance of the outside beauty and dress

Screen Shoot :  Screenshots of the game or  Snapshots of the game is also very important to you Take the best pictures of your game and upload them to get a large number of downloads

Published done


Most App Store  laws

The Store contains long rules and rules that you should know and respect so you should read them but I will give you the most important laws.

The application or game file must be of your own. Therefore, you are not entitled to upload an application or game file and re-publish it in your account. This is against the law and you will not win anything from that application.

The content of the application or the game must be yours. However, if you want to design an application that collects news sites, you must enter a name and a link to the news sites on your application or get approval from the owners of these sites in order not to infringe copyright.

The application or game label should be appropriate for its content.

Do not publish your own personal and unauthorised applications by the software you created the application or game in. Store all applications and unauthorised games that start with personal use directly when uploaded, uploaded or in several days.

All of these items, if exceeded, you will receive a violation and it is possible that App Store  directly delete your account or delete your application file or game.

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