How to increase the number of downloads of your applications and games


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How to increase the number of downloads of your applications and games on Google Play, App Store and 1Mobile

When you add your app to the store, you’ll be asked for the following

This information must match your app or game and is the most important step to bringing visitors to a large number of uploads

Type the name of the app you want to appear to users
Write a short description and a comprehensive description of the application

Add images of the application (Snape Shot), which are important factors to market the application and gain the largest possible number of uploads You can work these images through your phone using a screen capture feature or can be shot from an external camera and can be added video shows how to use the application for more professionalism

Add Icon Application: Here you must stop and take your time to design a beautiful and attractive icon as it will be an important factor to attract downloads

Data translation: You can add all of the above but in another language so that the appropriate language is displayed to the user when he visits the page of your application

Marketing application

Finally, we reach the most important and difficult stage, which is to spread the application and connect to the largest number of uploads. What is the usefulness of the application if it is still in the store without being used by anyone, then what are the effective ways and means to market and publish the application?

Positive ratings have a role in app deployment, but how do you get ratings at first and the app is still unknown or known? The solution is for you to publish the application between your family and friends, get ratings of the application from your relatives and friends, you can use Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter to publish the application link at the beginning, and then you can leave the application and send it to those who are looking for it

The second solution is to advertise the application and spend it with some money to contribute to its publication. In the beginning, you can use a platform to promote your application, or use AdMob platforms or Unity

Finally, this is the fastest and easiest way to create and deploy Android applications, but of course it is not the best if you intend to develop a unique and unique application. This quick portal will help you discover the field and then start the practical and serious learning.


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