How to register and publish your applications and Android games on a free site for Android


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In this episode God created I will guide you to the right way to register in a free site called 1Mobile and publish your free applications and games that you designed

One of the most popular Android stores is the 1Mobile store, which is the alternative store for Google Play, the official store for Android, and through the 1Mobile store can upload any application you have developed for free and without any costs so that users of this store can easily access your application or your game that you build it

learn how to publish your applications on 1Mobile Store for free: 

First: Registration on the free store 1Mobile site from here.

Choose Create a new account Enter important information such as email, your name, company name or your name as a developer, as well as your password Then you will receive an activation link on your email to verify your account, open it.

And then you can click on add a new application and upload the application in the format “apk“.

Fill in the required information and select the section where you want to add the application, select the value of the application is free or otherwise, then fill in the description of the application and put the appropriate images.

While placing photos, the store will tell you the appropriate measurement of the app icon and other information.

Complete all the steps and select the contact and location mail, and then click Publish.

The store will tell you that it will verify your app within days to be published after that.

Once the application is approved, you will receive a message via mail. The application link can be obtained after publishing from your Developer Dashboard to your store.

This step is definitely useful and gives the app developer the chance to get more users, especially those who do not.

They own a Google Play store or have been blocked in their own country.

Submit and publish your applications follow this steps :

All application or game information must be entered: The name or description of the application or game You must focus on typing the name and description describing the name of your application or game to appear in user search results

Write the application or game on your mobile phone and play it and then take the best picture of the game and upload it there in order to get the attention of visitors and evaluation in order to get a large number of downloads

Choose whether you want the application to be free or for sale and I recommend you to put it free to make a lot of money

The ads of the company I’ve added are better than selling them, but if you sell them, write a very cheap wish for $ 1 or 2 dollars below

Then select the type of application, game, or domain that belongs to it

And pressing the application or game registration was successful

Note 1: The waiting period until the application is approved or rejected may take up to a week

Note 2: Click the blue words to bring you to the relevant locations

If you have any questions or things that are not clear, please put them in the comments below and do not forget to follow the site to get the new

And with all the success of God’s creation
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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